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We want to help you expand your eco-consciousness and improve your overall well-being to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. 

We hope to help encourage you in your wellness journey and encourage you to contribute to the wellness of our planet by making changes that start at home and start with you. 

Each product mentioned is thoughtfully included to ensure we provide the best quality resources available to you. 

We believe wellness is not a trend or a temporary fad, so all of our information is sourced and proven with the highest quality, up to date, and science-based research available. 

Our goal is to make our content informative, with information that is easy to understand and easy to find and apply. Our content is written, verified, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, and specialists who are experts in their field. We encourage you to explore our community of medical and sustainability experts and scientists who are dedicated to helping others progress in their eco-friendly wellness journey.


Kaitlyn Madeira

Founder, Editor

Kaitlyn is THE SOWELL’s founder and editor. Inspired by her passion for wellness, she founded THE SOWELL by combining her passion for marketing while helping connect local Miami wellness professionals and health enthusiasts. Formerly, Kaitlyn was a digital marketing freelance writer and business strategist consulting for professionals in the health and wellness industry. Kaitlyn attended Florida State University and received her degree in Marketing and currently lives in Miami with her husband and dog.

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